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  1. The problem with my application was due to one negative letter of reference. For anyone else who may experience this same outcome in future application cycles, you have my condolences. It is difficult to deal with. Thanks for the help from everyone here.
  2. Hi there, I appreciate the response. I was not aware that other students can report you like that. However, I am still confused - I did attend the practice MMI but I received extremely positive feedback from the medical students. I do not hold extreme beliefs or offensive beliefs and during my interview I felt I was very calm and professional. I cannot point to any comment or behavior in my memory that would upset someone, and if I did make what was perceived to be an inappropriate comment during the interview, I am very certain it would have to be something taken extremely out of context
  3. Yes, that's a great question. Were you able to get any further information about the red flag? Is it worth trying to appeal the application?
  4. Hello there. Thanks for the response. So I am not the only one. Are you currently a medical student? My question is whether this means my future applications are also compromised because someone raised a concern in a reference/MMI station.
  5. Your application was referred to the Max Rady College of Medicine subcommittee regarding professional attributes identified in the application process. The subcommittee has advised the Admissions Committee regarding your suitability into the Max Rady College of Medicine and upon careful review, has determined that you do not meet the professionalism requirements, as outlined in the Applicant Information Bulletin. What does this mean? Did I say something wrong on an MMI station? Did one of my references say something bad about me? There is no other information.
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