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  1. Not sure, I've had my G for about 3 years as well. It may come down to my car being 10 years old. Did you set your address to London?
  2. In my experience I got the cheapest quote from OMA. 115/month for 3rd party or 156/month for comprehensive. Can save more if you download their app that tracks your driving habits. I also looked at Intact and Pembridge which both quoted me around 175-185/month for comprehensive coverage.
  3. 1. The main difference between SRTP and SROP is that SRTP is 2 summers and has to be individual, SROP is one summer and can be in a small group. Since SROP is shorter they want it to be built off of your existing work so you are more likely to accomplish something in the shorter allotted time. 2. I am referring to any type of research. Some people have 3 different research projects they are involved in, one of which counts as their experiential learning longitudinal research requirement. Other students have just 1 project they are involved in and that's the one that serves as their experi
  4. 1. You would be a good candidate for SRTP where you pick a project from a list and commit to it for 2 summers and you get paid (https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/research/student_trainee_programs/student/srtp/index.html). As for the research in the experiential learning course, it can be whatever you want, it is a way for the school to encourage all students to be involved in at least 1 research project. They provide a list of projects that you can pick from or you can pursue your own project and use that to fulfill your longitudinal research requirements. 2. Honestly that sentence is vague but
  5. @CHGcan speak more to this but there are plenty of clinicians based in Windsor with research projects that students can get involved in. Most students are involved throughout the school year, especially because it is required to have a longitudinal research project starting in preclerkship.
  6. Anking works fairly well if you unsuspend the relevant cards. You could also ask upper years or classmates to share their decks if you want something more specific to your school's curriculum. The Michigan Anatomy deck is nice for cadaver images.
  7. Red Cross, lifesaving society, and st John's ambulance are all ok for Western.
  8. I go to Western and my preferred name is used on my name tag, hospital ID, most class lists, and email address. It seems like randomly my legal name will show up on attendance but most of the time there's no hassle. You can message me if you have more questions.
  9. Yes of course the loan isn't 0% interest. I just mean that you don't have to make payments from a chequing account on a monthly basis.
  10. Interest payments are not required either. My monthly minimum payment shows up as $0.
  11. Class councils take turns organizing the sales. The 2023 council hosted the fall/winter sale and orders were due a couple weeks ago. There will be a spring/summer sale in April if I recall correctly but if you PM me I can put you in contact with the organizer of the most recent sale and see if they can slide your order in somehow. The least popular designs get scrapped/sometimes the manufacturers are switched to be more affordable so the options may not be exactly the same.
  12. Yeah I mentioned my thesis when talking about research experience on my ABS, go for it.
  13. $12 000 not including deposit is what it was last year. Hope that helps.
  14. Yeah they said you're 100% welcome to commute from anywhere in the province (they used Peterborough as an example) if you want. A while back they mentioned 6-8 weeks advanced notice of when you'd need to be in London but I don't know if that's a firm promise, so you may risk needing to find a place on short notice like @CHG mentioned which could be stressful. Also if observerships are allowed by the hospitals then you may run into trouble if you try to do them in your town if you don't live in Western's catchment area (e.g. east of Oxford county). So ultimately it's up to you, the school doesn
  15. Here is an example from first-term - London campus. While the topic of the classes changes week to week, the timing is usually pretty similar. 8-12 4 days of the week, and then you will have 2 days of the week with an additional 1:30-4:30 (patient centered clinical methods/PCCM) and 1:30-3:30 (integrated small group learning/ISGL). PCCM and ISGL are usually either Mon/Fri or Wed/Thurs, I started on Mon/Fri in 1st term and then in 2nd term I got Wed/Thurs. This schedule doesn't include the additional online independent learning modules you need to complete throughout the week (can range from 2-
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