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  1. I have a friend that got into Wayne states with similar stats. 3.8 and 506 . Highly recommend rewriting MCAT though and trying once more here !
  2. Hi , I was wondering if any Calgary medical students could give advice for ON Campus (Crowsnest Hall) VS OFF campus accommodations Near the Foothills Hospital or near enough lol. Which made more sense for you and why? Have a car and thought getting near campus would be the better financial decision in terms of gas. Wondering if anyone has advice thanks !
  3. Yea I remember it going something like , most of the top waitlisters are OOP so they get off first. But they can only be 15% of the class so once that is full, everything else goes to IP.
  4. I went through post of people talking about verifiers getting contacted. It truly does appear to be random. I saw someone getting 3 contacted but not getting in. Saw someone get contacted last minute and get waitlist while another at the same time got in. There was someone who got contacted weeks out and never got off the waitlist. The final rank orders are already made, and they are just running off their areas of concern/random checks. I don't think it is worthwhile thinking about it anymore. We will never figure it out and its best if we just believe it is random in order to not be to
  5. does anybody know of someone getting accepted without verifiers getting contacted?
  6. Did everyone get the same email that their file will remain open until September lol?
  7. THIS SUCKS SO MUCH basically just a long winded road of anxiety and hope, leading into a rejection. So close but so far away. I prefer getting out right rejected lol .
  8. Was this today? Lol it is what it is then. I already was feeling like chances were bleak. Maybe one of us still gets in though ...
  9. Admin said a bunch of offers were sent out yesterday and their deadline is Thursday so not expecting much offers until then. Sweet. I guess the forum is just not very representative or there are way more people on the waitlist this time around than i even expected.
  10. Wow so no one today? i guess let us look towards tomorrow ! See you all then.
  11. Sooooo, I’m guessing some offers will be coming out today. For me this is the last day of hoping lmao. After this I’m just gonna try and focus on other things this summer. Please remember to let us know if you get any news
  12. people who got it last week had until the 31st. I believe this is the same for those that got it yesterday. or June 1st
  13. We have already kind of debunked the time stamp theories. multiple people's letters were made at the same time either in group 131 or 130. it appears to be conditional waitlist offers vs waitlist offers. I know someone who got off from both groups so there does not appear to be an order. if you look earlier in the forum, there is a post by acacna that summarizes what we know so far pretty well. Unless you are requesting the timestamp for their new offers of acceptance?
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