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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to see how many people were like me and thinking of making the switch from Engineering to medicine. I did my undergrad in biomedical engineering and currently doing a MASc in it as well. Though I love my field and this literally is the next best thing to medicine, I don't want to be stuck behind a cubicle all day. If you did get accepted or even an interview I'm hoping you can share your GPA/MCAT and other stats, as I know first hand that getting a high engineering GPA is hard af. I have a cGPA of 3.56 and wGPA of 3.68-3.72 depending on the school and I wanted
  2. Yeah I am! I'm an MASc candidate in Biomedical Engineering! My thesis and research in general is very medical focused (biophysiological signals) . Yeahh, if they look at every application after the 3.0 one I feel like I would be worth an interview, if they cut at 3.7 I'm done . I think I'll write the AEE anyways, even though I did take 5-6 courses per sem (qualifying for wGPA). There was a stretch from 1st year to second year where I literally got a 2.8 GPA because i couldn't focus on school due to personal reasons. Hopefully they take those into account!
  3. IMO, very much so. I had a friend who got accepted to multiple school with less EC's than that. If you kill your essays you should be good
  4. Very similar situation as you! Got around 3.55cGPA with a 3.68wGPA. I had a stretch from 1st year to second year where I did absolutely terrible. It sucks because I know if they don't cut off my GPA I'd be a fairly strong candidate as I have multiple publications/research and did come from a somewhat unconventional field where getting marks is pretty hard on its own (engineering). I'm not sure if they have a strict cut off after their initial 3.0 one but I wish us all the best. On their website they said 3.7 so if they do grant you AEE, you may be good though, so don't lose hope!
  5. Hey guys, After doing engineering work through internships and now doing a Masters (Which I love), I realize that medicine is more of a fit for me. My undergrad was in biomedical engineering, and as you can expect my GPA wasn't the best because engineering was tough. I ended with a wGPA of 3.68 with moderate EC's and 2 publications. I noticed that grad students get put into a separate pool, which is awesome for me and I can probably do a couple more EC's as well as at least 3-4 more pubs. I'm doing a MASc in biomedical engineering as well, if that makes any difference. I have NOT done
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