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  1. I received an offer from the OOP waitlist Thursday and accepted! I can confirm that at least 3/6 seats are now full- good luck to the rest of you!
  2. Seems as though there was some tier 1 movement today. I know at least one IP tier 1 received acceptance today and is taking it
  3. I heard from one of my friends that she got in off the waitlist (Friday end of end NL time). As far as I can gather there are 2/6 spots confirmed full.
  4. I know last year someone got off the OOP wait list this week (he told me it was 1 week after OMSAS releases which were last tuesday). But I think they have us ranked, so it'll depend if the people at the top have handed in their forms yet- if that makes sense. Anxiously waiting with you
  5. OOP Canadian Applicant Waitlisted Timestamp: 9:29am CST Undergrad GPA ~83% MCAT: 510 ECs: Solid mix of long and short term, volunteer and work. Work in theatre and service industry + university assistant. Volunteering with arts organizations and science outreach. Interview: Absolutely loved how MUN did everything! Anyone OOP with an offer who won't be accepting?
  6. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted 3rd tier In Province (IP)/ Out of Province (OOP): IP AGPA (x.xx/4.5): 4.12 MCAT (xx.xx/528): 510 SES: yes Rural/Non-Rural: Non-rural Advanced Academics : no
  7. Last year tier 1 was sent email on May 29th and tier 2 on July 11th. Rumor has it they did accept some tier 3's but I'm not sure/ cannot confirm a date
  8. Congratulations! Is the OOP wait list separate from the IP? Is it tiered as well?
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