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  1. was able to get an extension until July 31st
  2. Hi guys, I keep forgetting to post this, but I accepted my offer at uoft so I'm officially off of the French waitlist! I really hope it works out for all of you who are waiting to hear back!! Feel free to message me if you have any other questions
  3. Hey I've been having issues even with the first part of just putting in the joinID and omsas #. Did enrollment services get back to you about what to do?
  4. Still waiting when did you send in your letter?
  5. congrats to those who have gotten offers! wanted to add my stats as well to the french waitlist: Good WL. 7:25:33, 3.89gpa
  6. Is anyone else waiting to hear back from the admissions committee about whether they've gotten an extension from the June 30th transcript deadline?
  7. Hi! I submitted my letter of explanation to them yesterday. They said they would get back to me next week sometime. Fingers crossed!
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