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  1. I think most of the movement of the waitlist happens pretty early on - waitlist movement will probably slow more than it already has as time passes.....
  2. Hey guys, sending you all love rn during these difficult times didn't hear back either and I know how frustrating this entire waiting process is I have an inkling that the waitlist is moving really slowly in general - in another post, people who've gotten offers from the beginning but received their 2nd or 3rd offer haven't even been moved/shuffled to other sites either, which usually happens pretty early, and before waitlisted applicants are given their first choice. It might be because of COVID that people are choosing to stay at BC / home than going to other schools?
  3. WOW waiting until this week for round 2 offers was hard HOW AM I GOING TO POTENTIALLY LAST UNTIL JUNE good luck everyone! may we hear good news tomorrow/Thursday
  4. Hey y'all long time lurker and stuck in the same boat of being waitlisted! Crossing my fingers for all of you. Does anyone know if UBC sends out more offers than seats? I saw from an old premed101 post that they do, and I know some other schools do that (i.e U of Calgary) also..... what are the chances of an IP getting off this seemingly endless waitlist :(
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