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  1. Don't have too much advice regarding which school to choose, but it's likely there is not a huge difference between McGill and UofT. I should warn you though, as a recent grad, don't underestimate how much money $130k is. Although you won't struggle to pay it off, it's not going to happen like *that*. It will take years and years of monthly payments, and you will be very thankful not to have that debt load as you start thinking about a house downpayment, marriage, kids, investments, etc. after finishing school. Although it's okay to incur some debt for during med, I've seen a lot of frie
  2. @aingekit @supadupafly I guess it would depend on which school specifically you're choosing between, but I attended MAM and my younger brother is attending Queen's. Feel free to PM if you want some specific insights!
  3. I would recommend somewhere in The Annex just north of UofT. Direct access to both subway lines 1 and 2 at St. George gets you easily to all the downtown core hospitals as well as Michael Garron. It's also much more laid back and quiet compared to some of the newer condos on University/Queen/Yonge, etc. Buildings are mid-rise and a bit older which means they're a bit bigger square footage, and better sound-proofed against neighbours.
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