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  1. what time stamp did your original waitlist letter have and what 4 digit number? "98xx/99xx" and also congrats and are you OOP or IP
  2. Someone who got accepted needs to check their time stamp
  3. no no theres 76 acceptances right now and 58 pending so those 58 could fill in the remaining seats to 128/130 so after those are gone then it goes to waitlist. Atleast how I interpret it. Remember they oversend invites
  4. Calgary just has 36 declines but still 58 offers pending so its not that theres 36 for waitlist! atleast not yet
  5. I called the office and the lady said the waitlist for IP is separate from the waitlist for OOP and offers are made accordingly. So if an OOP rejects offer then an oop waitlist moves in and same applies for IP. When OOP runs out on waitlist then they just stick to IP. So if there is 60 declined on average and we assume half are IP and half are OOP then it should be that maybe 30 from each list get offers made? This is all guessing ofcourse.
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