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  1. Sounds like waitlist movement is going to be minimal moving forward. Is anybody interested in making a prep group for next years application cycle? We could all do some interview prep together.
  2. Well, best of luck! Hopefully an offer falls your way. It’s incredibly hard being in the second quartile lol. You have a small glimmer of hope, but it quickly fades. Crazy that this will be two years in a row where they will more than likely not even clear the first quartile of the wait list. I guess all you can do is try to stay positive and try again next year.
  3. Anybody hear anything? Know anybody who got an offer this week? I assumed that there would’ve been more wait list movement this week. Is there still people in the first quartile that haven’t received an offer yet?
  4. This forum has really slowed down and it looks like they never even cleared the first quartile. Have to try again next year.
  5. Anybody know how much the waitlist usually moves?
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