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  1. Result: Accepted - Regina GPA: 86 or 85 I think? MCAT Score: 509 Location: IP Degree: UG graduated '20 Interview: I felt like I did a really good job in all stations tbh Congratulations to everyone who is accepted and those on the waitlist. This is my second time applying and last year I got waitlisted, so I’m super happy!
  2. hey! if your gonna make a group I'm down to join tooo. dm me!
  3. Hey. I'm looking to create a group of like 5-6 people to do interview prep with. Hopefully once/twice per week over zoom depending on what works. If you're interested, reply and I'll dm you. Thanks!
  4. hey! if you guys still want more members im interested. dm me!
  5. Hey guys, I'm doing some Casper prep and I was thinking of using some programs from companies. Astroff, **DELETED** or Medapplications. Have these been useful for yourself or your friends? And if so, which one of these companies would you recommend? Thanks :)
  6. Y'all I made a silly mistake on one of my sketches. I accidentally put the time period as "year round" for one of my sketches when it is not. For context, the sketch was one of the high school sports team I played on. I played on the team for 3 years and the season ran from November-March (so the dates I have for beginning and end are 11/2013 to 03/2016). In the description of the activity, it is clear that it was a school activity (i.e. "I was a starter in my junior and senior year", etc). Is this a big enough mistake to contact UBC over or should I just leave it?
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