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  1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the number of first year classes you can take are determined by an individual’s degree? All that paragraph in the applicant manual is saying is that you can’t overload a 4th or 5th year with 1st year electives to boost your gpa if they are no longer going towards the completion of your degree... Maybe reach out to a usask counselllor for more info as to how many electives you can take for your specific degree!
  2. Hi there! If becoming a physician is your dream & you’re taking the time to ask if it’s worth it or not, I think your gut wants you to go for it. As a second time applicant that was accepted this year, I understand how defeating this process can be. With hard work and focusing on your weak areas, I do believe preserving will take you far. NGL just based on your stats, it’s going to take some work. I’m not sure about the GPA scale - percentage conversion, but to have a solid chance of admission I would recommend you shot for a minimum of an 80% average... the higher the better. The MC
  3. I haven’t received the welcome package either, but as long as you received a confirmation email when you paid your deposit I’m sure you’re in the clear. I just checked degree works and under the program section it was updated to “MD”, so you could check there as well.
  4. Facebook group is only at 94 and that includes at least 4-5 admins (upper years). I know the wait is tough but there is still hope!
  5. Status: Accepted (from the 1st quartile IP) -Regina Time Stamp: June 1, 2020 GPA: 84 MCAT Score: 501 Location: IP Felt like a strong interview for me! Was able to tie in personal attributes and experiences to each station. Excited to begin this journey! Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist.
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to reach out and say I received my official offer of acceptance today! Sent out at 3:03pm for a Regina spot. I will be accepting & I am so looking forward to begin this journey. Goodluck to everyone else on the waitlist, wishing you all the best.
  7. From what I can tell, everyone that was not given a direct offer of admission was added to the In Province wait list. In previous years, I believe the wait list for IP applicants was 45 people (top 3rd, middle 3rd and bottom 3rd). Top and middle 3rd have the best chance of admission, whereas bottom third usually does not move. Cannot understand the decision to give someone a 4th quartile IP wait list spot instead of a rejection, seeing as over 75 people would have to reject their offers to be admissible...
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