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  1. From my research, AnKing is an Anki deck that is an overhaul of Zanki and includes other decks that were made by US MD students. The Anking deck uses multiple resources (Sketchy, Constanzo, Pathoma, BnB, First Aid). Typically students will download the Anking deck, and then suspend all the cards in the deck. Then as your med school covers a certain topic, you un-suspend relevant cards so that you can learn the info. Check out r/medicalschoolanki for more info.
  2. Thanks for the detailed response @gogogo. Have you heard of anyone using boards n beyond, pathoma, or usmle first aid or step 2 ck in their study arsenal?
  3. My Student Centre changed, but it doesn’t say the campus location. Is it the same for y’all? Thanks!
  4. I just received my campus specification email as well. Keep your phones on loud friends
  5. Any idea what time emails get sent? edit: just got the London campus!
  6. Efficiently go through a set of prep books and complete discrete questions after you read a chapter. Do as many practice passages / questions as possible. Review them after and understand the rationale behind why each answer choice is incorrect / correct. Do timed practice test from a 3rd party (EK, Kaplan, Altius etc) and then take them up the day after. Review weak a topics and knowledge gaps. Rinse and repeat. Save the AAMC Practice material until ~1 month before your test date. Treat the AAMC material like gold and review their rationale behind incorrect / correct. Review weak areas and ga
  7. The $300 isn’t free btw. You have to meet some criteria to receive that and they all require you to spend $.
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