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  1. thanks for the reply, so its okay if these two sections are lacking? I have lots of work, volunteering and other activites.
  2. So i'm doing the omsas application i have no research or awards, will this be a big red flag? Like the only award i would say i have is the entrance scholarship i got when i came to university but im guessing everyone has that. Despite looking for changes for research i never got any. Is it still possible to get in? Thanks!
  3. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on about references and the CAF form. Just some questions i have been thinking about I know in general you want to have good references and someone who will talk nicely about you on the CAF form. But does it matter if you have a doctor or professor do the CAF form, does that really help your application. Does having an amazing references letter really help your application or do school use it more to check if there are any red flags? Why don't they do full reference letters anymore? Thanks
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