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  1. For the health card, I do not understand how someone could be covered by one province and not pay tax in that province. I know certain provinces have a time limitation on the amount of time you can be away from your old province, but the definition of tax residency is not uniquely linked to the amount of time you are in one province vs the other. Does anyone else reading this have any clarification on all these? Even professional advisors give conflicting interpretations.
  2. I believe you need to change your driver's license within three months of moving to avoid penalties. As a "student", could you keep your old province's driver's license? Would you be able to switch your health card and driver's license to the new province if you declare taxes in your old province? Could the new province ask that you declare taxes in the new province as you are also a "worker"?
  3. I've heard from residents that they do lose them. I do not know if you can keep your OOP credits in some way or another. @ellorie If you used tuition that you paid up to 2017, it's creditable to my knowledge, but not if you paid tuition post 2017.
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