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  1. An interesting analogy, may I say. When a tsunami is about to strike, the tide retracts into a seemingly calm moment of stagnation. However, this transient tranquility is overshadowed by a continuous 40-feet-high column of water striking the inland. Like this, the offers will come for you In the coming days. Good luck and stay positive everyone
  2. The schools I know of have IP and OOP on the same waitlist, with there being a max cap on OOP acceptances that can trickle down to more consequent IP acceptances
  3. So UBC sent this email to relevant stakeholders in case anyone wants to know the disruptions. Pretty major but all necessary precautions based on how vigorously covid-19 will strike back in fall with the current way things are looking (and no one is social distancing- like what!). My cousin was accepted to IMP but was counting on starting in Vancouver, which would have been great but is no longer the case unfortunately. She said based on all this she rejected ubc yesterday. Good luck peeps!
  4. Friend of mine is in the same position and said she’s leaning towards Queens. Can I ask which school you ultimately chose and if she can DM you? Thanks
  5. Definitely bring up your interview skills and the way you're writing ECs.
  6. Already turned down offer to VFMP, if that's any insight.
  7. Congratulations on those great acceptances and being able to have the fortune of studying medicine in your local province and community. I know how important and stressful it can feel to make the right decision about where to study as we all want to minimize regret and mistake. Saw your post and thought I could just share my two cents as I was recently in the same position. With the way things are looking with classes at UBC going online and with less in-person workshops and opportunities being offered for students, as well as compromises the faculty have made according to the email updat
  8. Sorry for the late post, it has been a ride haha! Result: Acceptance! Geography: IP GPA: 3.91 ish MCAT: 519 (131 CARS section) Degree : BSc. EC:Various research roles, charity work, club exec work, travelling, hobbies, and boxing. Interview: Went really well. Stumbled on one station but picked up for the rest. Really excited to meet everyone of you
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