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  1. Pour les deux volets, en tant qu'un étudiant OOP, le cutoff pour la nouvelle cGPA est 3.87 (donc toujours le même). Je les avais envoyés un mail en posant la même question il fait un ou deux mois.
  2. Someone else may be able to offer greater specifics on this (e.g. if they're used competitively or as a cutoff—maybe both, what stage in the process they're used), but in addition to your CGPA being 3.7 it would also depend on 1) Casper and 2) Your ABS. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to confirm that our OUAC Reference Number (2021-XXXXXX) appears under OMSAS in the IDs section of the CASPer website. I ask because I wrote it several years ago (2016) and my old OUAC Reference Number appeared under a heading called OMSAS2016. Just looking to make sure OMSAS (and not OMSAS2020 or something) is what everyone else has on their CASPer accounts. Thanks in advance for your help!
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