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  1. Super, thanks for all your perspectives. I’m obviously taking a critical look at this potential path and this is really helpful. On the topic of work-life balance, for those that work as a GP, do you find your work stressful? How many hrs/week do you work? I’m anticipating that I would join an established practice and would most likely focus only on family med/walk ins, rather than doing any hospital or Ob/gyn work. My hope is that I would do that kind of work 4 days a week, work 32ish hrs, and still make a great living and have time for fun and family. Is taking vacation difficult a
  2. Thanks for all the helpful feedback! I’m a bit confused over the math and how staying in my current role I’d be able to afford a property in the Fraser Valley within the same time frames. An acreage out here runs about $1.3 milllion, give or take. With a minimum down payment of 20%, you need about $289k cash to purchase the property and at current interest rates, a mortgage would be $4500/month, not including other housing expenses (more like $5000/month). Say in our current roles, our household income peaks at $200k annually. After taxes (assuming 30% taken off),
  3. Just wanted to comment directly on this — the goal is property and having a larger mortgage as well as being able to afford life things as well... vacations etc. My current employment very much has a cap and I have no real opportunity to work OT to make more money. I make $71k annually, and this will increase by steps for several years and 2% annually once I reach the top step. I wish I had more opportunity to grow financially in my current job by picking up shifts, but I would have to start some kind of side gig if I wanted to boost my income.
  4. Thanks for those helpful perspectives! I’ve always had a dream of owning property... 5+ acres with a set up for horses/hobby farm. Don’t need anything fancy and I really don’t think I’ll feel content until I’ve achieved this goal and I’d like to reach it ASAP. Currently living in the Lower Mainland, this would run me $1.2 million plus. I keep a close eye on the real estate market elsewhere, and even outside of the Lower Mainland in the more desirable areas of the province such as outside of Kelowna or Victoria/Nanaimo, properties without the infrastructure are $700-800k ish. In more
  5. Thanks. Yes I’m very aware of the admission and program requirements. It obviously a large commitment of time and involves some sacrifices, which is why I’m seeking out the experiences of others.
  6. I’m considering leaving my career and applying to medical school with the intent of becoming a GP in BC. My current career is sedentary and bureaucratic and caps out around 90k/year. I get tons of vacation and work 35 hrs/week. I’m in my late twenties and female so also taking into account that I may start a family while in med school or residency I’m considering medicine because I would like to help people and make a direct impact in peoples’ lives, but also partly because of the additional potential income and goals I have that are not readily attainable in BC without a signi
  7. Hi all, I’m toying with the idea of buckling down to write the MCAT and apply to UBC med, but I’m having some serious reservations due to my current place in life. I’m hoping to speak to someone who started off at UBC in a similar place as me and hear about how the program impacted their family life. Would love to chat either via message on here, Facebook, or even over the phone. I am a 27 yo female in a serious relationship of 1.5 years. My partner and I have discussed getting married in the next couple of years, buying a house next year, and starting to have kids around age 30
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have any advice on having conversations with a partner about going to med school? If I didn't end up going, we would still live a comfortable life and be able to purchase a home within the next year -- med school would mean possible moving and putting that milestone off. It would also mean we may have children while I don't have paid maternity leave, or that caring for the kids while they are young would be more complicated. My partner also comes from a blue-collar family so this is all very new to him and I think he is a bit intimidated by what it w
  9. Awesome thank you the responses! This is so incredibly helpful. It sounds like VFMP isnt feasible living outside of metro van, so IMP or SMP it will be
  10. I am wondering if anyone here has any insights into the structure and flexibility of UBCs program across the different sites? Are students required to attend lectures? How many days a week do you need to be on campus? Are clerkships all within driving distance of the site location? Are you required to travel and move around for 3/4 year? For students with children or are pregnant, what does UBC offer in terms of leave and child care? I am planning on applying this year (and next, etc.) and am a non-trad female who would be beginning medical school right when I would also be planning on
  11. I’ve always considered medicine as an option for me but ended up taking a different path that has led me to a very comfortable albeit sedentary cubicle job. I am considering applying to medical school, but obviously want to be informed enough to make the decision of a career change is what I want. From what I understand, shadowing of physicians isn’t really permitted in Canada. I do not work in the health care field and am having a very hard time finding a volunteer role at a hospital or care home. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to gain more exposure to medicine an
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