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  1. Hi! Throughout my undergrad I have only ever done 4 courses a semester. I do well but I am worried that when I get into grad school I will drown as right now I could not imagine taking 6+ courses... I am also working part time (3 days a week) and don’t plan on it while going to grad school if I get in (hopefully UOfA) so maybe that will help. However, I am still extremely worried about this and doing poorly in the program. Can anyone speak on experience what the course load is like?
  2. For those of you who are in or have completed the OT program at UOfA, is your final thesis done individually or with a group? How did you find the work load and difficultly when completing this thesis?
  3. Hi there, For those of you who were accepted into an OT program did you take less than 5 courses a semester during your undergrad? I have only taken 4 each semester (I work part-time) and am worried this may impact my chances of admission when I apply next year (specifically U of A).
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