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  1. Congratulations!!! did you have any volunteer experience ? I have similar stats to you and haven’t heard from queens yet
  2. Hey guys! I was wondering whether the schools look at if your courses are upper year or first/second year courses in your final semester? These would be the ones included in a sub-gpa and I was wondering if it affected anything.
  3. I haven’t been able to log in I’m thinking maybe because I wasn’t accepted? I’m not sure...
  4. For some reason my acorn isn’t working... I applied to uoft in highscgool but the log in info I was given is saying they have no record of me as an applicant? Ugh... any advice?
  5. Hi everyone! I applied to OT at Queens and UofT (although i’m a bit more hopeful for Queens). Queens looks at cGPA and i’m at a 3.64 which is okay... I’m more worried about my lack of specific volunteer experience in the field. I have tons of speech pathology experience and references + I also worked in an old age home. Does anyone have any advice or know if I have a chance at all? Hoping for a miracle!
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