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  1. good idea! I think we should wait till upcoming Thursday then. that'll be exactly 2 weeks from when my friend got off the middle third of the waitlist, and not too close to the end of july. thank you for letting us know!
  2. Those of you on the top third, could you please add your name to the document! we should probably send it by the end of tomorrow, so please do it as soon as you are free!
  3. imma take a break from this forum and this subject matter honestly. ill let you know if she ever decides to answer guys, peace and good luck
  4. I know of one person in the middle third who hasnt been contacted. this is all getting very confusing to me as i thought all 5-6 people in the middle third were contacted.. ugh this is the worst time to be ignored
  5. i knowww... this whole admissions process is turning me off from ever applying here again
  6. no, like the admissions office of all of u sask. admissions@usask.ca
  7. i think we should stay patient for one more week, and if things don't come to a definite conclusion then we could consider contacting the general admissions office of u of s?
  8. well i mean id also expect them to have email us promptly when offers were available but they waited till the end of june for even that. there's no clear conclusion we can make until she emails back. and they posted it on monday
  9. i think they mean as in the spots are already open and they're still pending on sending us the offer. because we now know the waitlist moved 4 spots, and its probably likely that it moved more, they just haven't informed us yet. but this is just an assumption like everything else we've been saying. lol they could not have left us more confused
  10. yes, they went to usask for undergrad. and no problem, i know its all hard to believe lol
  11. i did too but after hearing some of your guys' perspectives and seeing people i know get in I'm getting nervous. i just hope she doesn't ignore for a whole other month again
  12. all i know is that in previous years they've went into the first and middle third of the waitlist, which could be around 8-10 people. theres 5 of us here, and i know of 4 that got in.. so hopefully the math adds up and we get what we deserve
  13. i agree I'm trying to be more positive and patient. but if its the opposite case and they ignore us again.. I will be too mad to apply again next year
  14. thats what i was thinking too.. but still is it deliberate or by mistake?
  15. yeah but we've already heard of two people in the bottom and middle third getting in, so given that they shared their news at the same time as these guys i would assume this is the case. I'm sorry if I'm sounding negative, but this is what makes more sense to me given recent situations
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