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  1. -0.3 % would be a new low, one the other banks would likely follow quickly. I'm not seeing this offered on TD's website anywhere. Do you mind sharing your contact at TD? Cheers
  2. I am fairly confident that FPA's use the same billing codes as royal college specialists when providing anesthetic care. The reason they won't bill as much as a RC anes, is because they aren't doing as complicated cases so they miss out on the billing code modifiers (i.e. +20% for BMI >40 or ASA 4). Some FPA's work exclusively in the OR, where as for others it is just a portion of their practice. This is extremely dependent on the local supply of royal college specialists. Historically FPA's were essentially limited to practicing in rural communities, but due to the national shortage o
  3. I'd definitely still apply to Sask. It is potentially the easiest application in the world to fill out because there are no extracurriculars or anything to input. No time cost, only a bit of cash that is well worth the potential for an invite.
  4. Responding to a couple different posters on this thread, but the comments apply broadly. I do not see why you would ever have to disclose your diagnosis to anyone (unless you want to). I'm fairly confident your doctor could write a letter for detailing the accommodations required to support your health without specifically saying the diagnosis. I'm worried about what my peers and preceptors will think. Who cares what they think. I know that's easy for me to say, but if people think less of you for prioritizing your own well-being then these aren't the people you want to
  5. There are some major flaws in the arguments here. 1. You assume that if someone uses illicit drugs they are inherently less safe for patients than someone who does not use drugs. That is a big leap, someone could be high all the time in their personal life and still provide great care. If we were to follow your logic process to its end point should we not also screen for alcohol? It is one of the most widely abused drugs even though it is legal, and has a far great societal impact than most drugs https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2019/06/25/what-is-the-most-dangerous-drug .
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