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  1. Oh thank you! They didn't ask for my family income though bc I'm considered "independent" so you're probably right about this being the max
  2. What is the usual amount that Ottawa MD students get through OSAP? I got an estimate of 6,500 grants and 13,300 loan so I'm wondering if this is standard.
  3. Got off the waitlist today at 11:47 !!!! Hoping for all the best for all you guys <3 <3 !!!!!
  4. there may have been a few offers sent out, it's just that no one on here posted about it hopefully there are enough spots remaining for a huge wave tomorrow/in the coming days !!
  5. I couldn't open it on my phone, but I can on my laptop!
  6. HONESTLY !!!!! Imagine not being prem league champions this season of ALL seasons and not getting accepted hope we all get in though!!
  7. lmao my guy we're all stressed rn and there's no reason to lie and add to the stress of everyone… I graduated in 2018 so many friends previously chose Mac over Ottawa (edited the original post to reflect this) but I still know at least 4 people that are choosing Mac over Ottawa this year bc they wanna stay closer to GTA among other reasons tbh
  8. 87 offers were declined last year (https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf) you can see that this number ranges from 84-93 in the past 5 years. We cannot really assume how many will be taken off the WL this year, we just know that at least 7 have received an offer off the WL this cycle since May 12th. I don't think it would be beneficial to guess what timestamp would be reached because for all we know, there are 60 people that received a WL email at 7:38 that haven't shared their stats :/ I think that the COVID/3-year program may affect the WL movement,
  9. no offer, sorry for the confusion and 7:39:03 is the creation time (according to outlook)
  10. I did not make it OFF the waitlist omg I'm still hoping for that, just wanted to share in my stats sorry for any confusion !!
  11. hi everyone long time lurker but I made an account to add to the data this awesome thread already has :)! I received a good WL email at 7:39:03, with a 3.96 GPA, and I'm not bilingual. Fingers crossed for all of us ❤️ did not receive an offer, just wanted to post stats*******
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