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  1. I can’t remember exactly but that sounds about right. I think it was 8 questions last year but a couple had a few parts
  2. From what I can remember from last year was you could see all of the questions at one time and choose which ones to answer first/ which ones u wanted to spend the most time on. I felt the time crunch as you only had 2 hours to write it. But each question is not timed specifically
  3. My biggest piece of advice is to practice with other people before hand. There are lots of practice questions online. I personally liked using the **DELETED** book as it gave you explanations of possible answers. Also, think about your personal experiences and what makes you a good candidate. You can use these examples in the interview as well
  4. Hey! We got acceptances March 30 and had until April 25 to accept
  5. Currently in my first year at UBC MPT, if anyone has any questions I can do my best to answer them. Good luck
  6. As per the ubc website “Applicants are required to have completed a minimum of 70 hours of volunteer or paid work experience which involves direct interaction with persons with cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities at no more than two organizations/establishments. Direct interaction refers to physical as well as verbal, or other virtual interactions (e.g. volunteering for a seniors’ support line, or interacting by Zoom). These hours must be completed by the application deadline. Please note, work as a receptionist, clerical experience, and working with elite sports teams does not meet
  7. Hey! I used a research supervisor as a reference for UBC PT last year. Although, the research was for course credits so technically it was a “class”. My best suggestion is to email UBC PT advising
  8. Hey guys!! I got off the waitlist yesterday for UBC MPT (VAN) around 3 pm!!! I am so excited!
  9. Yes I got off the waitlist Tuesday morning at 8 am pacific time and had 24 hours to accept. I declined the offer so there is some movement! Good luck :)
  10. Got off the waitlist this morning for U of T PT but will be declining!
  11. hmm I'm not sure that alphabetical order is the case as my last name starts with a D and I didn't get an email till the 21... Guess we will never really know how emails were sent out for the waitlist lol. Good luck!!
  12. @OhBoyyyy @PikaPikaPTChu Can I ask which day you received your email that you were on the waitlist for UBC PT? I received mine on April 21. I have heard others got their waitlist offers on March 31. I think that the day you received your waitlist offer may have some relation to where you are on the list but I could be wrong. The wait is also killing me haha
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