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  1. I also got in! Good luck to everyone! I hope you guys hear back soon too
  2. Same it's been a string of stressful Tuesdays since May 12th. I was really hoping for some movement today.... I just wish we knew how many spots are left in the French section because the stress is convincing me that there's none left
  3. I haven't heard of any movement in the French waitlist. She probably won't work on both the French and English waitlist today right?
  4. I think MedSchoolHope101 also got accepted! Also I kept trying to change my time from 7:25:37 to 7:25:34 (I made a mistake the first time when I looked at the email) but it wouldn't let me change it on the excel sheet
  5. Do you guys think the French waitlist is going to keep moving or no?
  6. Stream (EN/FR): FR Time You Received E-mail: 7:25 "Created" Time: 7:25:37 wGPA: 3.99 I think my stats make the French waitlist even less clear....
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