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  1. I was also expecting less confirmed learners... I truly do not know if I will be reapplying next cycle. My community (small French Northern Ontario town) really needs more physicians as it is already underserviced and I believe 3 or 4 of them will be retiring in the next few years. I would’ve liked to practice here to help relieve that burden, which is why I was hoping to get into NOSM as that is literally their mandate. I am a bit disappointed that things like these do not play a bigger role in their selection process. I think I might pursue other interests for now while keeping medecine
  2. Well... I don’t know about you guys but my hopes of getting in are pretty much non-existent after receiving that update. Time to figure out what to do next year now!
  3. Hi guys! Also on the waitlist, but I haven’t heard of any movement yet either. However, I do know someone who has received an initial offer and has accepted it, but that’s just one person, still lots of potential spots left for us! At this point I’m just waiting for the 26th to see what kind of update we’ll get.
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