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  1. Lemme tell you something, one of us felt like SHIT (didn't even eat the post-interview pizza) and one of us felt great and had multiple interviewers lol-ing. There is no pattern to things, one of us just had more anxiety leading up to May than the other hahaha Nooope. Leave your neurotic brain at the door pls you'll thank us later
  2. For the class as a whole, mostly virtual and not as many events as your class had. At my site, we've had a lot of virtual (and some socially distanced) events with great turnout. With summer around the corner and hopefully if things get better, looking to go on some trips with a few of my classmates
  3. Good, we feel great, not worried about anything we know everything. jk we're stressed but not an unhealthy amount
  4. Hi OP, I'm tremendously sorry you had to go through that. I've experienced racism as a POC too and I know how isolating it can be. As a current UBC medical student, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that the Faculty of Medicine does not tolerate this kind of activity within the program and there are numerous support staff/resources available to you in the program. The program itself is extremely diverse and never once have I felt prejudiced against by any staff or students. Here is my personal experience with UBC Med as a POC: Did you have a hard time making friend
  5. Was originally planning on travelling during the summer before starting medical school but COVID made that impossible. Now, I don't know how to spend my time. Have a part-time job (that I can't make full-time because of COVID), and little time filling routines during the day like meditation, home workouts and hikes. What's an effective use of my time I'm bored all day. Thanks in advance!
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