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  1. Congratulations to all who have been accepted today into the UBC med cohort of 2025. For those who were disappointed in the outcome of today, just know that many of us have been there before and we encourage you to keep applying. Believe in yourself like we believe in you, and when it’s your turn we will also welcome you with open arms. Now, CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2025!!!! If you use Facebook, please join the group below for the whole class + the site you’ll be attending. There will be other ways to get your orientation or general UBC med news, but this is one of the BEST ways to
  2. Selling my 10th edition Exam Krackers. This will include:-Exam Krackers Complete Study Package 10th edition-101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning-Prep 101 course texts/notes (included for free)Some practice exams lightly marked in pencil.$150 OBO or trade (seriously, make me an offer)Pickup preferred
  3. Hey everyone. I've spent the better part of the last year lurking on this site (which I found pretty helpful during this process) so I thought it was best to post my details in the spirit of helping future applicants. This was my first year of applying. Result: Accepted to IMP (first choice) Geography: IP no rural application filled Degree: None completed. Current degree in kinesiology with 3-4th year standing; + 14 credits from BFA 2006-2007; + other non-degree related credits and academic upgrading. Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 11:30 AM PST (May 13)
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