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  1. Is the format traditional interview or CDA or a mix of both?
  2. I think you can get some OSAP (roughly 8,000 per year) but the main loan to pay for school would not be from the government and instead would be from a private bank.
  3. Hi everyone, I looking for some opinions. I am applying to Western Dentistry this year and I'm scheduled to redo the DAT this November. For my November 2019 DAT, I scored: BIO: 21, CHEM: 21, AA: 21, RC: 21, PAT: 24 I decided to retake the DAT in hopes to boost my application as I thought last year I could do better without having the burden of midterms during the DAT but now I am unsure. I originally thought UWO only looked at AA and RC but now with them looking at PAT, I'm hesitant on retaking it. I looked at the average of accepted students for the class of 2024 and its
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