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  1. Result: Rejected Timestamp: N/A Geography: IP GPA: 3.32 MCAT: 510 (126/128/128/128) Degree: BS 2015, 2nd year CMMB ECs: long and diverse. Interview: Felt good but looking back I'm sure there is improvement to be made. Thoughts: 5th cycle. I'm not really sure where to go from here. To all those who didn't get the news you wanted this week. Take time for yourselves and best of luck to everyone who received a waitlist offer. Congratulations to the class of 2025.
  2. Did you drop a course? or change your course selection?
  3. Some low GPA and MCAT love Result: Rejected Geography: IP GPA: 3.4X couple of bad years due to personal circumstances MCAT: 50X Degree: B.Sc 2015 and recently went back to school to improve. E.C: 9/17 Interview: Went really well. I was offered my interview spot a week late post rejection due to an interview drop out. Thoughts: 3 year applying. First interview ever ( a huge surprise considering). My biggest advice is do what you are passionate about. Recognize your weaknesses and improve them. Keep trying guys. There is hope!
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