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  1. Agreed. At the end of the day I'll go wherever , but life would be a lot easier if I got a top choice. Hopefully we will hear by the next wave of waitlists
  2. Hmm I interpreted that as if you received a second choice site such as vfmp but you had nmp as your first choice but didn't complete the rural section then you wouldn't be placed on the waitlist because you wouldn't be eligible (although I don't see why someone would do that). I may have misunderstood though. It seems unlikely to me even if you got a rural seat to be behind someone on the waitlist who hasn't received an offer yet for a nonrural seat. From what I hear there's usually plenty of applicants filling out the rural section and that want nmp to fill up nmp in the 288 applicant p
  3. Thanks for the reply! I guess theoretically if someone from the waitlist gets into vfmp for example, it should mean that there was no one else that was already offered admission that had vfmp as a more preferred site than what they already had
  4. Does anyone know when offers to switch sites usually occurs? Is it at the same time as the first waitlist offers come out or does the shuffling occur before? I'm assuming people that are already accepted will get preference to switch sites before acceptances go out for waitlisted applicants. Thanks in advance!
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