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  1. Yeah, they took 8 people off the waitlist but the others removed themselves from the waitlist and decreased the overall waitlisted number! Here is to get motivated to up our application and interview game! See you next year!
  2. Wow!!! Thanks for the update and I’m so sad to hear of this. You know, it’s so important to always be patient and understand that there are unprecedented circumstances that can occur! If 2020 has taught us anything...it’s that!
  3. I don’t think there are any big cities in northern Ontario!
  4. Yeah the hopeful feeling definitely came crashing down last Tuesday! But where is the email today??? Anyone get it?
  5. Hello! It’s Tuesday again!!! I wonder if there will be any more movement today! How is everyone feeling?
  6. Hi! I hope you all are holding up alright! I have not received any emails yet! I wonder if we still have a fighting chance. The days after Tuesday have been much better, starting to settle in with and learning to appreciate the great blessings in life regardless of NOSM acceptance!
  7. Dear Applicant, The following movement has occurred on the waitlist for the Entering Class of 2020: The NOSM class of Fall 2020 has 62 confirmed learners. We are currently awaiting responses from the two remaining offers. If these two offers are accepted the class will be full. 42 applicants are remaining on the waitlist. You will receive another update in one week or sooner if the class reaches 64 confirmed learners.
  8. Wow what a devastating email. I straight bawled for a while. Only 10 off the waitlist whole other years had 16-20? What a year to be on the waitlist. Really wonder what spot I was in. its such a sad feeling to be thinking of the whole application process again! Has anyone tried to get the 30 consultation thing? How was it?
  9. Hi guys! I’ve been a lurker for a while now, I Wanted to post a few times but my account kept messing up! Anyways, today is the big day of the update email but it’s not seeming to come! Good luck to all of us!!!
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