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  1. So odd that there's been no update as of yet... I believed them to be weekly, no?
  2. Nothing received either... I thought updates were to be on a weekly basis? Perhaps I'm a wee bit deflated and jaded, but if any of us are chosen from off the waitlist, it'll feel great (no doubt), but the way we've been treated (I feel like I'm a second-class citizen or something akin) will always stick with me. Bad taste in my mouth, in other words.
  3. Hey fellow purgatory members... I hope you all have had a better last few days. I still don't know if I'm receiving all correspondence from NOSM, so I just wanted to make sure... Does anyone know if those final two candidates accepted or declined their offers (from NOSM)? In other words, are some of us still on "life support"?
  4. Thanks for responding! Indeed, I received the same letter. For whatever reason, it came later. Do we know when candidates for OttawaU or Western are required to reply? I tend to agree that these two remaining NOSM candidates are likely waiting on a response from another school, though weren't they required to reply to NOSM as of yesterday? I mean, wouldn't NOSM know whether they accepted or declined (NOSM's offer) by now? Purgatory sucks! lol
  5. Hello! ... Any updates regarding the two remaining candidates who hadn't yet replied yesterday?
  6. Oh, ok. Than you! Well... Hope springs eternal as unsatisfying as that likely sounds. Don't cling to false hope, but it still may come to be. And, if not... We'll apply again. I genuinely mean this... Give yourself some credit and stay hopeful.
  7. Hey All... I am also on the waitlist, though oddly, I have yet to receive an update. I'm assuming the news isn't promising? Could someone kindly let me know what the email states (more or less)? Thank you!
  8. I am also on the waitlist, but I haven't yet received any updates. Can someone tell me what it says? Thank you!
  9. Hey! ... Currently on the waitlist... This is my third year applying. My two previous years, I failed to make the waitlist, so this is an improvement of sorts. But, like everyone else, I have no idea where I'm positioned, nor do I know how deep into the waitlist NOSM typically goes (on average). Any ideas? Also, does anyone know if offers of admission will be given prior to May 26? Could they occur next week (after the long weekend)? Hope everyone is doing well (despite the wait) and keeping healthy! P.S. - Be proud for making the waitlist. I know it's tough and it may even feel l
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