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    MedHopes reacted to Alftavatn in NOSM Waitlist 2020   
    When they said weekly they might have meant that we will get an update each week, not that the emails will be exactly one week apart. I am sure we will hear soon. 
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    MedHopes got a reaction from Alftavatn in NOSM Waitlist 2020   
    Hey! ... Currently on the waitlist... This is my third year applying.  My two previous years, I failed to make the waitlist, so this is an improvement of sorts.
    But, like everyone else, I have no idea where I'm positioned, nor do I know how deep into the waitlist NOSM typically goes (on average).  Any ideas?
    Also, does anyone know if offers of admission will be given prior to May 26?  Could they occur next week (after the long weekend)?
    Hope everyone is doing well (despite the wait) and keeping healthy!

    P.S. - Be proud for making the waitlist.  I know it's tough and it may even feel like a defeat, but in reality, NOSM is telling you that you've made the team, but they can't promise that you'll see any ice time this year.  Perhaps, not the greatest of metaphors, but it's one way to view things without being artificially cheery.
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