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  1. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't see any in-person activities on Elentra, even PSD?
  2. Yikes. It will just make parents / partners / friends visit Kingston instead, which is counteractive.
  3. No travel outside of kingston for 5 weeks+? Aw that must be a bit hard for some students to not visit family in a nearby city during the weekend.
  4. I'm looking on Elentra and for me it's the first day (aug 31) that's in person. The rest is virtual. Is that what is showing for you?
  5. What is the "self study" section from 130 to 430? Is it just a recommended self study time?
  6. Are we done every day at 4:30? Not sure if I'm understanding the timetable correctly
  7. Even with confirming that we met the acceptance conditions to sign a lease was delayed a ridiculous amount of time. I really hope that if the lectures are online and the curriculum they decide on, to just keep it consistent for at least 1 semester. I believe lectures are always posted online anyways so I don't understand why having 100+ students in one room might happen but regardless I think we will have the option to choose! Anyways, I hope we hear back soon with a solid plan!
  8. I think the schedule we see online is just what it was from last year (room numbers etc) and it's tentative. I have a hard time believing that they will have lectures in person when it's the easiest on everyone to do it online.
  9. Very true. Was just wondering because I was under the impression that ottawa is one of the only schools that has half days and I only saw 2 (from the post above!). Maybe it's different now, who knows
  10. and does that mean that we have 3 long days? I thought we only had 1 long day (thursday) and the rest is half days?
  11. How come the schedule is different? Does the English stream have a different schedule vs french stream?
  12. I got the 12.9 inch and oh my god it is the best thing on earth. The screen is almost the same size as a paper and i want to go paperless. I wanted something that wasn't too small if I was writing/ studying from it.
  13. Someone on the Facebook group said that Diane replied yesterday and said it will be another 1-2 weeks...
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