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  1. Yea alright, that was me being an ass, shouldn't have made it personal, sorry. Just frustrating to read repeated posts that imply how easy it is to reach that level and how guaranteed it is. Don't think I'm gonna convince you anyway, good luck with everything
  2. [Edited to be less of an ass] I'm not even a resident yet, so if any AB docs could substantiate these claims that would also be helpful, but I have doubts that a their workload isn't approaching the level of a surgeon. There was a previous post about an Ontario FM doc who worked rurally and made I think ~650k I think averaging 75 hours a week, (generally not sustainable for most people). That was with rural locuming in ERs and adding additional hours to the standard practice. Yes AB pays more than Ontario, but that will come down after the AMA cuts come through.
  3. Do you have a source for cardio income? Not broken down by sub-specialty on that AMA report. Full disclosure, I went through your post history bc your comment complaining about family docs complaining about making 150k annoyed me. Seems like you're entering this year but amazing to see you already know so much about physician compensation and what is fair. The report you link has median FM billing at 200-300k, is it so hard to believe that there are a sizeable chunk of FM docs that are receiving 150k after overhead? Unless you understand the day to day lives of the FM docs
  4. It can grind your gears all you want, but at the end of the day, it'll be patients, especially the rural communities and other underserved populations that get the shaft from these changes. I don't think people are truly worried about a physician shortage in the city - but when rural areas already have a difficult time recruiting, this just makes it so much worse. Go ahead and talk more about how privileged physicians are while ignoring what the government is doing. Telus Babylon, new legislation allowing private contracts with physicians instead of government, increasing surgical capacit
  5. As someone who did Anki in pre-clinical, I'm not sure I would suggest anyone do Anking versus making their own cards instead. Anking was meant to be a comprehensive resource to perform well on Step 1. It also goes far deeper into certain subjects and much less deep in other areas than your school will. Step 1 is moving to pass/fail so there isn't a benefit of doing such a large deck even if you plan to write step 1 - there are significant drawbacks in the amount of time it takes. Definitely test it out, but it sounds like even American students are shifting away from large decks like anki
  6. Yea it's political instead of clinical, but it's still something to acknowledge. Just look to the states and the rise of CRNAs. Yes, they provide a service to areas which may not otherwise be able to get anesthesia services, but interests of corporate medicine (or the government here) to save money don't always make decisions in the best interests of patients. It just needs to be 'good enough' as long as they are re-elected.
  7. What would happen to the call schedule if this happened? Just spread the load to the remaining residents?
  8. Is the Quebec job market for otho much better? Ortho looks really cool but damn, some of the stories about fellows trying to find a job are horrible
  9. Not bold at all, I don't necessarily agree with the showboating part but, it's very true that people won't post anything negative there. All schools have there disadvantages and the facebook group welcoming the incoming class isn't really the place to vent about the negatives. It's similar to if you had been able to attend in person interviews, current students only tell you about the good parts of the program and any negative parts would usually be extremely toned down. That said McMaster is an amazing school. If you really wanted to, you could find a list of negatives about any school o
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