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  1. WOOOW, that is so great!!! It gives me a little bit of hope but judging from the fb group, it seems like they are almost about done making offers but that’s just my assumption. We’ll find out anyways in the email today, haha but was just curious, how many spots do people think are still available?
  2. I wish we at least knew how many people were on the waitlist. I would rather know there isn’t a chance of getting an offer than have this false hope.
  3. Does anyone know how many members are currently on the fb group that they have for new med students? The wait is killing me and I am starting to think there’s no hope for me being in the 2nd quartile All the best to people in 1st quartile though!
  4. Oh that’s awesome! Hopefully there’s some luck out there for us second quartile waitlisters haha
  5. That’s awesome! Congrats! Did they give you a deadline to accept the offer? If so, would you be able to tell us the deadline?
  6. Did you get the rejection letter today or back in March? I didn’t actually think they would reject more people after the initial rejection letters were sent out.
  7. I am IP and have been waitlisted (2nd quartile). Does anyone know if people got accepted from the 2nd quartile last year or the years before? It’s hard to be hopeful
  8. Is there anyone who got rejected but had their references contacted? Because I was one and I was utterly confused, I thought I would atleast make it to the waiting list.
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