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  1. If you log into your SSC, sometimes it shows up at the top left if it’s been assigned. If you have a previous ID# (like if you were employed before becoming a student), this might not be the correct number (as was the case for me a couple years ago). Maybe that helps? http://ssc.adm.ubc.ca (you need a CWL, not sure if you’ve been assigned those either yet…)
  2. I always find it interesting (and try to deduce how it could work) that waitlist offers go out for VFMP, when people who have also accepted their 2nd/3rd site preference are also waiting for VFMP spots too.... I thought they would also offer these spots first to current accepted applicants who are waiting for a preferred site before offering to folks on the waitlist, but no idea! Maybe there’s a different option for OOP applicants who might not want SMP if it’s not a preferred site, but would accept a VFMP spot... or if it’s a 1-for-1 offer that if someone turns down a VFMP spot on the wa
  3. I’ve already been at UBC med for a couple years to know how some of these things work. But I paid by certified cheque too in my year.
  4. Can I just say – take a breather! Stop stressing about if your status changes because a) it’s a pandemic and less people are not working from the office where your cheques are being sent, so more time to process, and b) you’ve accepted and have done all the things you need to this point.. no one is looking for you to slip up and rescind your offer. Realise you’ll have constant tasks to be doing as the summer progresses, take time to stop checking your OAS! ❤️
  5. You compete with them (and others like Fast mentioned) for 700 interview spots... everyone has a chance to show their lived experience through their application. As a non-trad application, hopefully one has gained some really great experiences that need to be showcased. By the time you get to the interview, they want to see those experiences shape your worldview and how you are thoughtful in your approach to problems. Whether you have an Olympic medal or you worked at Tim Hortons, the playing field is level for *you* to perform on that interview. No one has your CV in front of them at the
  6. I was an older applicant, low 80s GPA since my school didn’t give % grades. overall score - 515 Bio, Phys/Chem, Psych - in the 130s CARS - 124. But I had done decently well in my English university courses, I just always sucked at this section on the MCAT Still got in to my 1st ranked site you got this!
  7. Subject line: UBC Undergrad Admissions:Offer of Admission - (Site Acronym where the offer is made)
  8. Interim Statistics: https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2020/12/Interim-Statistics-2020-2021-MED-2025-PDF.pdf
  9. I wanted to bump this back up if any applicants now applying want to reach out to myself or others who want to support!
  10. Looking at earlier posts on this thread, I feel you can see the calibre of inclusivity amongst students and current applicants – some folks that get it because they are queer people and fight to be represented, and others that don’t know their own privilege and speak from uninformed platforms of being cis-hetero individuals (which becomes infuriating). I would hope some folks unlearn harmful behaviours and language before they enter medicine, but also learn through an intersectional lens of understanding Indigenous issues, race issues, queer issues and other barriers and disparities in healthc
  11. I think OP you can tell by the tone of this post is that there are quite a few people in the class (and applicants by this standard), that should be called out for their heteronormativity and comments/remarks that are made. From a current student’s perspective: The profs are pretty heteronormative and binary in their approach to teaching. A student-run queer mentorship group does exist, but it’s a lot of white queer folks and there isn’t a dedicated physician mentor that lead it (unlike the other mentorship groups). There aren’t really many queer Black, Indigenous, or people of colour
  12. For those who are starting MD2024, there’s an LGBTQ2S+ Mentorship Group (student-run with invited Physician mentors) that you’ll be able to join. It is a confidential space for participants and you’re able to connect with other queer folk in medicine. (You should get the details in August)
  13. If you self-identify as a BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ and want some help with your UBC Med application for the 2020-2021 cycle, PLEASE PM me! I’m a medical student and want to help folks who may be using this forum and aren’t able to access other resources. I am willing to offer help *for free*. I can help with your NAQ and/or answer any questions you may have about your application. If you aren’t a BIPOC, but self-identify as trans* or non-binary/gender-diverse, please reach out as well!! The reason why I’m doing this is that LGBTQ2S+ BIPOC are not represented in medicine and face intersect
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