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  1. one of my friends in 4th year at UBC received the first shot this past wednesday
  2. i am going a bit crazy having nothing to do, while also being unable to see friends and go out etc :((.. curious to know how everyone is spending the break! personally, i am catching up on a bit of research, which i don't particularly enjoy sigh~
  3. not sure about what information they have sent you guys for this year, but iirc last year, we had 11 stations (including the writing station) and no rests. this might be completely irrelevant to this year, though LOL
  4. for reference: https://www.cbc.ca/bc/news/bc-120601-ubc-medical-school-admission-criteria.pdf
  5. thank you for making this thread. i honestly relate to it so much. just a quick note- there is a difference between wanting something and earning it and those who earn it should feel no guilt over reaching that goal over those who "want" it more
  6. just wondering - are MCQ exam questions on the midterm/final "board" style just like the progress test questions?
  7. heard a little rumour that term 1 will be formative (i.e. no grade required to pass) for Y1 and Y2. does anyone know more about this or is it just speculation at this point?
  8. prospero is a database/registry of prospective protocols for SRs. everything submitted that meets their basic criteria is publicly posted. this would not count as a publication.
  9. hi there! feel free to DM just click on my profile and select 'message'
  10. hi! i actually made a LinkedIn recently due to sheer boredom. would you mind elaborating on how you have used it / how it's been helpful throughout med school etc.? thank you !
  11. this is a great idea! i'm an incoming first year at VFMP who identifies as an LGBTQ2S+ PoC. would love to help out any similar folk out there with applications for UBC or Ontario!! feel free to DM
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