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  1. -Could you elaborate on how you used Osmosis? There's a lot of stuff on there - did you watch some videos for clarification if you didn't understand something? Did you use the flashcards? -Could you point me in the right direction on what textbooks you found helpful? There was a folder going around and there's A LOT of material to choose from. -Also, it seems like a common theme that upper years are making their own summary notes and then building up on those in clerkship. How did you organize these? By week? By disease? Thanks so much! @overwhelmedms1 I am also in your cla
  2. Your mentality has a huge impact on how good your application is! To write a good essay (for me at least), you have to firmly believe in what you're writing. So try not to approach the questions feeling like you're already defeated, it will show.
  3. For what it's worth, I received an interview at UofT this past cycle and my wGPA was 3.82 - undergraduate applicant, no academic explanations essay. So the myth that there is a cutoff at 3.85 or 3.9 for undergrads is definitely not true. I tried very very hard on my essays and I made sure all my references were really good. I felt that my interview went okay, but not stellar. Ultimately, I was put on the waitlist. Fix what you can control and the rest is up to chance! Good luck
  4. Thank you! No, I didn't find out until after the meeting. I'll be at VFMP! Regarding the emails - are they through the same email address as the one you used during the application cycle? Or do they use your new UBC email?
  5. Thank you! What is that? Also, any word on whether we have to be physically present starting then or if everything is online?
  6. Hey everyone - I received an offer off the waitlist only this past week. I was wondering if there is any word on when the start date for classes are? Desperately trying to get everything sorted and there's a lot of info I don't yet have access to!
  7. I wanted to start a discussion on whether the English prereq courses are more of a check box or if they're evaluated competitively. Since UBC has a "holistic" post-interview admissions process, plus the fact that they admit people before final transcripts are submitted, we may never know if/how they are factored in. To applicants who were recently accepted - mind sharing what grades you got for this prereq?
  8. Thanks for doing this! Them hanging on to the waitlist for so long this year must be an anomaly. According to past years' threads, it would have been shortened by now
  9. Can someone give me a quick explanation on what changed? I'm so confused - I don't even remember what the policy was last year.
  10. I am! It's torture...but a very low level, drawn out pain lol
  11. Totally agree. It's been mentally exhausting essentially having been waiting since Oct 1st. I do wish admissions offices across the board could be a little more communicative (*ahem* Canmeds) to ease our nerves a little bit during this whole process. I am guessing maybe they are scared the situation may be unstable due to Covid, and just hanging onto the waitlist a bit longer than normal as a safety net. Still, an update would be nice.
  12. Anyone know what their policy change history has been recently? I know they've made small changes here and there over the years but I can't seem to find a record/report of them.
  13. I'm under the impression that if somebody defers, that spot does not go to somebody else? Not 100% sure though, I know this is how it works at some other schools
  14. I didn't know that Queen's released this info! Did they release the cutoffs on their website?
  15. Nope - a lot of people were asking this question and I felt that they dodged it. The dean said that this change made the admissions more equitable and benefits people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and people who have not had opportunities (???) People were basically asking like "uhmmm how so?" but they did not elaborate. It was really frustrating to watch this to be honest.
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