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  1. Hi! I was accepted to Queen’s for OT and I did my undergrad part time! (Usually 2-3 courses per semester)
  2. Hi! I’ve taken BIOL3701 from TRU. I didn’t find the material too difficult- it’s basically a more applied version of first year anatomy and physiology
  3. Hi! Feel free to send me a message. I moved from BC this summer to attend OT at Queen’s
  4. Both are undergrad- you get you BHSc from TRU and Community Rehabilitation degree from UofC. I don't think there's really that big a difference between the programs, but UofC does have a practicum component whereas TRU does not. I'm not really sure about the degree from UofC, but the one from TRU is basically just a bridging degree, you can't really do much more career wise with it once you have it. I have a friend who got her community rehab degree from UofC and is now just finishing her QY for PT at McGill.
  5. I graduated as an OTA/PTA/RTA almost 3 yrs ago and decided to do the bridging program to finish my degree. I’m in BC and I had 2 options for universities to finish with my degree with- Thompson Rivers Uni and University of Calgary. Definitely recommend! I was able to work full time as an OTA/PTA and finish my degree over 2 years. I ended up getting my BHSc at TRU
  6. Hi everyone Applied OT: UBC, Western, Mac, Queen’s, McGill, Dal Accepted: Queen’s Waitlisted: Mac (#45) and Western (Middle 1/3) Rejected: UBC (did attend interview) GPA: cGPA: 3.80 I firmly accepted the offer from Queen’s and took myself off the wait list for the others. I’m still waiting on Dal and McGill but even if I get in, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to Queen’s. Also I’m from BC and I’ve never even been to ON before so if anyone has any info or fun stuff to share about Queen’s/Kingston/ON in general, please let me know!
  7. I haven't heard yet either (from BC) but I also haven't sent in my unofficial transcript yet as I applied while my degree was still in progress (and still is lol)
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