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  1. Hey so sorry for the delay in response, I hope I'm not too late! It was much more relaxed than Canadian schools in my opinion. It was via Skype and the interviewer really put me at ease. They asked questions like why you want to do PT, what makes good research, what are good qualities for a PT to have, your perceived strengths and weaknesses. (I'm not 100% sure if I wrote these down as definite questions they asked, or if it was what I was told to expect, however still great to cover).
  2. Hey, thanks for the in depth response! I really appreciate it, you shed light on a lot of the questions I had, and ones I didn't even know I had! I would really like a school with placements that are close by, and having the transportation costs covered is also a huge plus! Would you be able to share some details on what kind of placements you got to do throughout your program? also ignore my error message above, I'm a bit new at this forum haha.
  3. Hey, hope you're doing well! I was wondering what University you attended in the UK? I applied and have offers to some schools, and I was wondering if you could help sort out which one may be the better choice if you or your friends have any insight on them. I have RGU, GCU, Oxford Brookes and Manchester Met! Would you be able to shed light on the finances, and how much I can expect to pay over the course of the degree? If there are any tips on accommodation costs, and how placements work. Is there a program that you would generally recommend over the others, and what are your experie
  4. Applied: McMaster, Western, Queens PTAccepted: Western Rejected: Mac, Queens (?) Offer from Western PT: Email, ORPAS, and their own site. Rejection email from McMaster! Nothing updated on Mosaic and ORPAS shows as blank. No correspondence from Queens as of yet! cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.79
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