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  1. Hey! I took some additional courses in the summer after my 4th year to boost my GPA (I took a writing course and re-took physiology as I was applying for PT). After upgrading my GPA I ended up getting into Mac OT and off the waitlist at Western PT, Mac PT and Queen's PT. When calculating my sub-GPA they just took my 20 most recent courses (including the summer courses). From my understanding, you could just take any course (doesn't necessarily have to be a re-take unless you are boosting pre-reqs) and that will go towards your new sub-GPA calculation. I would recommend just taking something yo
  2. I have declined offers at McMaster OT and PT, Queen's PT and Western OT- accepted Western PT. Should see some waitlist movement!!
  3. Hey! I got off the McMaster PT waitlist this morning and I was #19 but I will be declining. Good luck!!
  4. I didn't know we are able to find out the exact position on the waitlist so I have no idea sorry!
  5. I got an email around 5pm tonight from Queen's with an offer for PT off the waitlist!! sGPA: 3.87! Good luck to everyone as waitlist offers come out
  6. Such a great idea! sGPA: 3.87 cGPA: 3.75 # of time you applied: 1 Schools you applied to and their responses: Western (waitlisted) and McMaster (Accepted) Hours of experience: 144 hrs with a supportive listening line through the Canadian Mental Health Association About 60 hours of PT related experience (shadowing, volunteering in a rehab hospital) I did not have any direct OT experience, other than the mental health line mentioned above, but no shadowing or volunteering with OTs. I drew on my extracurriculars and university experience in my McMaster MMI
  7. Hi Guys! Back on the Queen's waitlist and thought we could try to track some movement here. Anyone else in the same boat?
  8. Hey guys! Thought I would add to this thread for the 2021 applications. I am #19 on the McMaster PT waitlist. Does anyone know how much movement usually occurs/what my chances are lol? Really hoping to get in somewhere..I was also waitlisted at Western PT (upper third) and Queen's PT
  9. Applied: Western PT, Queen’s PT, McMaster PT, Western OT, McMaster OT Accepted: McMaster OT Waitlisted: Western PT (upper 1/3), Queens PT, McMaster PT (spot #19), Western OT sgpa 3.87, 2nd year applying Wondering if anyone has any information on how much the waitlists will move??
  10. Hi Guys! I have a question of the UBC PT application. It appears as though I only need one practical reference to fill out the practical referee form as part of my 70 hours but I achieved these hours between two facilities. Do I still only need to provide one reference? Or am I missing something?
  11. I just emailed the admissions office and they said they are still contacting applicants from the waitlist!
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