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  1. We'll get an email soon but I believe this is the link: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis I already uploaded mine and they've already approved them all lol did it asappp in case I somehow forgot haha. not sure the deadline though but im sure the email will have all details tonight
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:05 Result: Invited!! (IP) degreeGPA: 3.91/4.0 (nursing) MCAT: N/A ECs: work experience as nurse for few years, short-term volunteering experiences, no research/publications, and just some hobbies and sports. Year: undergrad completed spring 2021 CASPER Quartile: 4th quartile English QC residency Verified or not: yes, situation #1 on November 18 Letter of EC: yes but not related to GPA (just for a leave of absence)
  3. no, it's because admissions contacted both of us on Tuesday to ask for proof that we were registered in our final prerequisite courses in order to be considered eligible to apply. we were trying to decide if this meant good news since they asked us right before interviews. we'll see!! thank you
  4. ahhh congrats! I hope so, still waiting anxiously :/
  5. It means waitlisted for interview! Go on this site https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/fr/post-presentation/suivre-le-statut-de-votre-demande and click on les codes de minerva and then search for yours! 30 - Décision en attente Liste d'attente pour les entrevues.
  6. As I was refreshing my minerva page the formatting of the page went all weird for a second but any sort of change in the page obviously gave me a massive heart attack thinking I got an update and now I need to recover from those palpitations lolll this is torture
  7. nah mines with a B and im still waiting haha. although I applied toward the very end like a few days before deadline so I dunno if that has anything to do with it but I think many are still waiting
  8. definitely not an R at this point seeing as not many people have posted invites. im still on ready for review
  9. oh wow this makes me really nervous and I find this surprising, you have great stats. it seems like CV makes a big difference then ugh im screwed lol. but I've seen last year people get off the waitlist but it doesn't seem to move too much and all depends where you are on the waitlist obviously. fingers crossed for you!
  10. Thank you! I did 2 years nursing DEC in cegep and 2 years bachelors at McGill. I didn’t have to do the sciences that most of the 4-year university nursing degrees have to do (but I did them outside of my degree for prereqs) so it really saved my GPA compared to other nursing programs I’m sure! I enjoyed it, can’t complain honestly. Yeah I think 9am ish onward but not everyone gets their results at the same time so be prepared to refresh all morning
  11. Yeah it’s the same for me because I was only able to register for the classes in January (doing them at a cegep) so no proof of registration before that. So for those who registered in advance and submitted the proof that they were registered already with their application then I’m sure this is different yeah!!
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