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  1. Honestly this is 100% my reasoning too! I’ve told my mom, boyfriend, and only just recently one of my best friends. I was honestly the same way when I gave birth to my first baby I didn’t tell anyone I was in labour until I was about to push because it’s way less stressful when people aren’t messaging you 24/7 asking how it’s going Congrats on your acceptance! Yeah see I’m also a non-trad applicant (almost 30, an RN, have young kids) and so I feel like there’s a lot more judgment about *still* being a student lol. I’m keeping it to myself too and it’s definitely hard to hide being so
  2. Just for fun because I’m curious...for those who are/were “premed”, did you disclose that this was your goal to your friends, extended family, fellow classmates, etc? Or did you keep it more to yourself (minus maybe parents, best friends, type thing). Why or why not?
  3. In my case I have quite a few P/F courses due to my clinical rotations in nursing being P/F (not by my choice) so I was a bit hesitant to add more or like if ever McGill one day would say nvm we don’t accept P/F anymore then I’d be screwed haha. I haven’t P/F any courses otherwise, but I just graduated and my GPA is 3.91 and since I’m IP it’s fine I’m sure (I hope lol)
  4. That’s interesting! Damn if that’s the case then I wish I did p/f on one of my classes in fall 2020 but I was too scared lol. Thanks
  5. Ah that would make sense! Hopefully something simple like that. Good to hear about the prerequisites
  6. Oh darn stay positive, at least you got an interview and know what to expect so you can work on it for next time I’ll give details when I know more (assuming it’s public information)
  7. I’m not sure honestly, my friend and I were wondering if they’ll change anything about prereqs again?? But maybe this is just about the incoming class, I’m not sure. I’m really dying to know though because I’m applying for the first time this year and in middle of doing my prereqs. Could be nothing important but as soon as there’s news I’ll post here if someone else hasn’t I’m probably going to attend the meeting just because I’m being impatient lol
  8. Good catch, thank you! I didn’t realize it copied the hyperlinks when I copied it over here. Thanks
  9. @fluffybunnyyyyy It’s sent out to current McGill students that are part of the faculty of medicine and health sciences I’m pretty sure. I just graduated from nursing at McGill so I received it! This is what it says: Dear Colleagues, This is to remind you that the next Faculty Council meeting takes place Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. The Faculty Council meeting is open to all members of the Faculty, including students and residents, and will be recorded. The agenda and supporting documents are now available on the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences website here.
  10. I just saw McGill sent out an email saying the next faculty of med/health sciences council meeting is going to mention “MDCM admissions update” on May 18 and I was curious if anyone had an idea of what this was about? Is it likely about the incoming class, or does there seem like there will be a change in the admissions criteria again?
  11. I’m also still an applicant but what I found useful was to list all of the non academic qualities (that the previous person linked) and see if I could match an experience from my cv with each one (and yes some experiences were used for multiple qualities in my case). If I found something was unmatched or weak, I tried to look for experiences that could help fulfil it, while it being something enjoyable to me at the same time. That way you can at least know where you stand and go from there
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