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  1. Hey! It doesn’t matter if you take it in cegep or uni, and on the McGill website it says that these are the equivalent courses for bio in cegep, with labs. So biol111 would be the first one cegep is much cheaper so always a nice option to save money lol just make sure it includes the lab
  2. @Laly20 I didn’t apply last cycle, it’ll be my first time applying this fall, so I didn’t get a ranking! Thankfully this year we’ll get feedback from casper since we can find out our quartile score. Hopefully that will help for future applications (although the dream is to not have to apply again and again lol)
  3. Did you guys have strong CVs, average or weak? I’m curious how the ranking generally is, other than what they explain on the site. It’s my first year applying and I think I’ll have a pretty decent casper, my gpa is 3.91, but my CV is somewhat lacking a bit. It only counts for 10% but still worries me lol
  4. Thank you for this! Just posting this here for future reference in case anyone was wondering. McGill got back to me and told me that all basic science prerequisite courses at Athabasca are accepted as prereqs for McGill med, and that the home kit/virtual labs are accepted as well, and that so long as the course is completed (final grades on transcript etc) before the November 1 deadline of when you submit your application, then you can still have an additional 3 classes in progress (so long as you get those grades by the May 31 deadline). Hope this helps someone!
  5. This is what I had screenshotted when I booked mine edit: oops sorry didn’t see you said French, my bad!
  6. Oh yeah? Have you heard of other people doing the same, or you’re assuming it might be ok?
  7. We're allowed to have 3 courses in progress during the school year at the time of our application. Does anyone know if I take a science prereq that ends roughly September 25, and then take 3 others over fall/winter, if this would count for 4 courses in progress, or if the one ending in September would be seen as a summer course? I'm not sure if there's an official cut off date, like September 1st or something. I emailed admissions to ask as well
  8. Montreal IP moved up one today, next offer is 13.
  9. Great thanks!! I’m assuming if this were to change they’d make this information known on the admissions site or something?
  10. You’re able to book your CASPer date now, for those who have been curious! For those who wrote it last year, did they also have Snapshot (a 10 minute one-way interview) too or is that new to this year?
  11. Moved two spots for IP today, for those following!
  12. I’m not sure how introductory science courses generally are in terms of the class averages but I took bio 1 and 2 at McGill this last year to fulfil prereqs and the average for both was A, which is the highest since we don’t have A+. The exams weren’t proctored, they were open book for 72h but the questions were “harder” because you had to really understand the topic, but truthfully there was nothing stopping anyone from asking outside sources for help. But now at Concordia, I’m currently taking prereq science courses and they are proctored and I see a huge difference in terms of averages. So
  13. Moved one spot today for IP MTL!
  14. Thanks! Yeah I’m currently taking physics and chemistry in summer at Concordia with labs gonna stick with Concordia since it’s during the day versus in evenings for cegeps
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