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  1. Do you currently have a bachelors degree? Or would this be your first degree?
  2. In the English version this says don’t modify the page margins, like the blank spaces on the outermost left and right sides of the document, from my understanding, not specifically the margins within the table. Also, I’m not sure if you meant for your suggestion to sound a bit judgemental or mean, but just remember to be kind, this whole process is hard enough as is Definitely safer to just not touch any formatting whatsoever though. Good luck @Romina!
  3. I wouldn’t touch any formatting other than deleting some sections if you don’t have anything to put (such as awards)
  4. @Telomerase31 yes! I’m not sure if we’re allowed sharing our results with others, I forget, but I’m happy with my score!
  5. I already did mine and got my quartile back (wrote on August 8) but I personally liked doing it earlier to get it over with and I feel like way more people write it later so I felt like it was more competition later since our quartile is based on those all around the world who wrote it on the same day and time as us lol but who knows. Also if you have classes going on and you’re someone who wants to prep for it then just consider when midterms are maybe. Also from what I’m seeing people say, those who spent a loooot of time prepping didn’t do too well but I think maybe it’s because they
  6. If you want the 100% answer you can contact admissions they’re really helpful and fast at responding. But in my opinion and based on what I understood, unless you had transfer credits that contributed toward your basis of admission degree, then no, you only put the basis of admission degree. But again your best bet might be to contact admissions if you’re still not sure!
  7. Wait sorry, I’m looking at the guide and at the example they provided but I’m not seeing what you’re saying. In the guide it says “while you are asked to list all post-secondary programs undertaken in Section 2: Summary of Post-Secondary Studies” you will not be required to report individual courses or grades for all your programs if they are not part of your basis of admission degree”. But yes if you’re doing a basis of a second bachelor degree you report all courses for both, according to the guide. So based on this, you only list courses that are related to basis of admission degree (
  8. Oh really! Sorry for giving the wrong info above then oops lol. So let’s say I started a degree 9 years ago but withdrew before my first semester even ended, so I have no grades or anything, am I still entering those? Sorry it’s my first time filling it out. I’ll look at the example too, definitely forgot to check that out haha
  9. I believe you just have to include the one for your basis of admission degree. Unless you had some classes that transferred over, in which case I’m not sure.
  10. I live in Quebec, so I went to McGill for my nursing degree and I’m hoping to get into McGill again to stay in province but we’ll see. This is my first cycle applying! Personally I’ve been a nurse for a few years now and if ever I don’t get into medicine I’ll stick with nursing, so for me it’s worth it. I didn’t think of medicine until recently so I wasn’t focused on getting good grades for my application until my final two semesters. But I’m happy with my choice because it worked out for me and I have a solid career regardless But again keep in mind getting a good gpa in nursing doesn’t wor
  11. I’m not sure what you mean by asking if there are significant differences in the two programs but definitely there are! Nursing would give you good experience with patients and some decent knowledge about medicine but becoming a doctor requires much longer training and more knowledge and responsibilities. A downside to doing nursing before medicine is that it’s sometimes hard to get competitive grades in nursing so you might not finish with a competitive GPA and without that you’re often times not even considered by medical schools. Personally, I finished my nursing degree with a 3.91 so it wo
  12. Yeah 14 was the last offer made I’m pretty sure. I had checked august 2 I think and a few times after that and still no change, said next offer would be 15.
  13. I found PrepMatch was a good resource to use, even if not using the peer review portion of the site (because right now it doesn’t seem like many people are reviewing them). If you use their questions or circuits to practice, and then reread your answers and try to think about the key qualities they’re looking for in an applicant, I find it helps. It’ll also help you gauge how much you can manage to type per question within the 5 minute time frame. Also doing the 2 practice tests from the casper website itself (although there you can’t review your answers after since they disappear). Good luck!
  14. Where do you live? I only have information for McGill but I was recently told (last month) that all introductory basic sciences at Athabasca university meet the prereq requirement for McGill. Including the lab component. This seems to be different than previously when they were more strict about it. But you would have to check in with each school you want to apply to. I’m currently taking one course at Athabasca for a prereq! If you have a degree already and this is on the side then I don’t think you need to worry that you’re taking it outside of a degree or anything, or at least that’s the wa
  15. Do you know if this is paired with CV and CASPer too? Or do you find out ranking for each of them or something? If it’s all combined, then is it possible your CASPer and/or CV were on the weaker side? I’m applying for the first time this upcoming cycle with 3.91 GPA (in nursing) so I’m curious to know since our GPAs are similar ish. I know this year CASPer is releasing the quartiles so at least you’ll get that feedback this cycle. Chin up, hopefully this cycle you’ll make the cut
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