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  1. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong (I haven’t applied yet either) but I see no reason why they would care. So long as your degree is full time (or whatever is required) then the prereqs shouldn’t matter from my understanding
  2. For clerkship, is the attire dependent on the rotation you’re doing? Is it sometimes business attire? I work on a surgical floor so I work with McGill gen/surg and gyne-onc residents who are obviously in scrubs but haven’t noticed what the medical students wear to be honest lol. Really this info is all for curiosity sake (and for future reference to know if I’ll be potentially getting rid of all my scrubs) but I thank you guys for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it
  3. Thank you! Yeah I’d imagine I wouldn’t have much time to work Yeah they’re just basic, solid colours like black, blue, grey, etc. So at some point in med school, you’re responsible for your own scrubs? That helps a lot, thank you!
  4. What’s your point? Lol. I’m applying next cycle and had a question. Not like posting a question here is any inconvenience to you (I would hope).
  5. So I’m currently a nurse and therefore own a bunch of scrubs. If I get into medical school, will these scrubs ever be useful again or while working in hospital we would always be provided with scrubs (outside of COVID times)? Or do you wear other attire? Thank you! Oh also, if anyone was an RN who went into medical school or knows someone who did, did they keep paying their yearly fee to renew their nursing license while in medical school? Curious what people typically do. Thank you!
  6. Hello! It’s still really early for me to be thinking about CASPer because I’m only going to be applying for McGill med next fall, but I was wondering how early people can do CASPer. Do people usually do it a couple months leading up to when they’re going to apply, or earlier? Thank you!
  7. I think they just exclude your grades from winter 2020 and you hope for the best or something to be honest lol. For those who weren’t in school winter 2020 and aren’t affected, nothing else changes. It will probably either suck a lot if you had great grades in winter 2020, or it’ll be good for you if you did awful in winter 2020. I think they aren’t doing much else to make it more fair. But maybe someone else can correct me if I’m wrong. Good luck!!
  8. No input to give because I’m not a med student yet but I’ve done 4 clinical rotations at Lakeshore while in nursing school (OBS, medicine, surgery and geri) and definitely notice a difference in how things work there versus other hospitals so I’m curious to see what others say. Didn’t even know McGill went there to be honest!
  9. I say make the move! Might as well do it now and make those potential connections. I would worry about being an outcast too, I think it’s more worth spending the money and being independent and meeting new people, knowing the area, etc. Having study buddies is crucial, even if just to have someone to complain to about stuff only they can understand lol. I’m not in med yet but in nursing school those kind of friends were crucial, I couldn’t imagine doing it all alone online without meeting some people.
  10. Hey! I don’t have advice but wanted to say I’m also a nursing premed, and wanted to wish you good luck GPA is definitely crucial from what I understand so if you really think you can’t get a competitive GPA, you’re in a tough situation, because nursing would be a great career to fall back on if ever medicine wasn’t happening right away. Best of luck!!
  11. Hey! I currently work in a great hospital as an RN on a surgical floor, caring for pre/post-op patients with GI/GU/Gyne/Oncology diagnoses. I'm going to be applying to medical school in fall 2021 (for entrance 2022), so I have some time to change up where I'm working to get more exposure to other units and different cases. I don't know for sure what my interest would be in terms of a specialty but at the moment I am most interested in emergency and OBGYN. Do you think I would benefit from changing to the ER in the meantime, or even the case room to get some experience for OB, or would th
  12. Hello! Sorry in advance for the long post ahead. So I’m starting to do my prereqs in hopes to apply to medical school (preferably McGill) next year. I am going to be doing bio1 this fall and bio2 this winter but I’m torn on what to do and looking for opinions. These are my two options with pros and cons Option 1: Do it at McGill this fall and winter during my final year of my bachelors. pros: guaranteed to be online this fall at McGill (I live 45min from downtown so this is great), works with my bachelors schedule more conveniently, will boost my GPA if I get a 4.0 (I’m currently at
  13. My opinion might not mean much because I have yet to even apply to med school but I’ve worked night shift as a nurse and honestly I can’t see how working a night shift would look bad. If anything, it would show that you’re willing and able to work different shifts, as we will have to do as residents and stuff, so I can’t see that as a bad thing lol. But I also don’t see why it would be brought up. So I’d say you’re fine no stress
  14. I’ll echo what Psych said, but for the hell of it I’ll tell you what tends to work for me anyways lol. I find what works best for me is reading material out loud to myself and then pretending to teach it to someone else by re explaining it in my own way. It forces me to find a way to make the material make sense in my brain and I tend to memorize it easier that way! Sometimes my explanations in my head are stupid and weird but that makes it even easier to remember haha. Not sure if you can apply this in your studies or not but yeah! Good luck
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