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  1. If anybody has made, or will be making a fb group or subreddit for Queens PT, please post in here when you do!
  2. Applied: PT- Queens, Mcmaster, Western, UBC. OT- Queens, Mcmaster, Western, Toronto, UBC. Accepted: Queens PT, Western OT Waitlisted: UBC OT, Toronto OT. Rejected: UBC PT, MCM PT, Western PT, MCM OT, QUEENS OT GPA according to ORPAS: cgpa- 3.71, sgpa- 3.79 From Vancouver, BC. This was my fourth year applying to Queens PT, 3rd year applying for most other ORPAS schools, and 1st year for UBC. After the first two years I realized I would not get in with my low GPA and minimal experience, so I upgraded all my prereqs and several other courses and brought my SGPA up fr
  3. I assume they will contact us by email, but I guess it's possible for them to phone us since we provided phone #'s on our application. Could you please let me know when you hear something since you're one spot ahead of me? Good luck!!
  4. Does anybody know when UBC OT waitlist started moving last year? Also, anybody know how many people from the waitlist got into the program last year? I'm #3, in province!
  5. Applied + (PT or OT?): UBC, Queens, Mcmaster, Western (PT); UBC, Queens, Mcmaster, Western, Toronto (OT) Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa : cpga: ? , sgpa: 3.77/4 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: - 1,500 hours as a kinesiologist doing active rehab at a very well known physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver - 3,000 hours at an orthotics company doing prescription translation + foot landmarking on 3D scans - 20 hours volunteering for stroke rehab association with GRASP
  6. I know that the waitlist for McMaster PT has pretty much not moved at all, but has anybody heard any news at all regarding the status of it lately?
  7. Are you a current U of T PT student? The addition of ACE days that you mentioned sounds like a very beneficial addition to help make connections in the community and prepare yourself for finding a job after graduation (along with increasing your practical experience of course). That's also great to hear that U of T is shifting to PBL as well! If there is one thing i've learned from these **DELETED** forums it is that U of T students seem to be unbelievably happy with the school and the program itself.
  8. Same here!! I thought I had a great application for Western but still ended up coming short. From the sounds of it I think they had a really strong pool of applicants this year compared to other years. Good luck, hopefully you'll get into somewhere soon!
  9. Im number 43 so I hope you aren't yanking my chain. At least there might be a small chance I guess. How do you know this?
  10. Does anybody know how many spots on the Mac PT waitlist were let in to the program last year or the year before?
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