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  1. Applied: All PT - UofT, Western, McMaster and Queen's Accepted: UofTWaitlisted: Western, McMaster (low placing so no chance of getting in)Rejected: Queen's GPA: sub-gpa 3.87 2nd time applying, last year I applied to UofT and McMaster, wasn't invited to the CAP and rejected at Mac. My experiences are pretty avg imo. I had volunteering experience at the physio clinic on my school's campus, as a developmental coach for my elementary school basketball team, and I am also active in giving therapeutic exercise advice to people who share my non visible disability. My work experiences are re
  2. I took the Kira last year, and it felt like a job interview. I had two questions on conflict resolution, two on teamwork and collaboration, and one on a creative solution to a problem. That's what I can remember. I was honestly surprised by the whole thing because it felt so "disconnected" from a physiotherapy program. I had no questions similar to what I had seen on this forum in years past (e.g. Do you think most people are altruistic?) It is what it is, I'll be more prepared this year.
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