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  1. You should be receiving a letter of admission plus some details about the offer I'm not in PT but in OT
  2. I'm on the waitlist for SLP at Ottawa U. However, I got accepted into OT at Ottawa U. I'm getting SO anxious for SLP though... haha
  3. Hey guys ! Does anyone has some experience on the waiting list for SLP at Uottawa ? I got accepted into OT at Uottawa but I'm still waitlisted in SLP... I'm getting worried a lot about SLP !
  4. Here's the link to the fb group I created for uOttawa OT & PT Class of 2023 https://www.facebook.com/groups/307374471033982/edit
  5. Hi ! Don't worry about the language barrier I know it can be stressful but so many students in the last cohort were mostly Anglephones and yes you can write your papers in English aswell
  6. Hey ! Congrats I recently got accepted too ! Feel free to DM me if you've any questions I have a relative who's also in the program (1st year student in OT) if I can help ! Plus, don't worry haha. I believe this year there was around 3 guys in her class and it's all online except for the labs and some evaluations.
  7. hey ! since your undergrad was not a science-related filed, do you have to do ANP1506 ? I did my bachelor in Psychology with a minor in Linguistics... haha now I've a huge dilemma which consists to do AN1506 but it's not offered anywhere in French which I find absurd...
  8. Hey guys ! I recently got accepted into OT at Uottawa. Plus, I got waitlisted in SLP. However, for OT I've one prerequisite to do (ANP1506) before August 30th and most of the universities already started the course or the course is not available until September 2021... I find this very ridiculous since I contacted Uottawa and they said I can do BIOL235 at Athabasca. However, it's a pretty heavy course and it's in English. I'm a Francophone and I just don't think I'll make an anatomy class in English haha especially in a short amount of time. Does anyone have experienced a similar si
  9. Hey ! I recently got accepted into the program and I also got waitlisted in SLP I know a lot of people who are in OT right now and most of them were English speakers haha. As a Francophone, I think a lot of people hesitate when they see that the program is in French which I understand... However, despite the language barrie I feel it's a good the region of Ottawa/Gatineau is a good opportunity to practice in both languages (FR/EN)...
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