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  1. Hey! What is your experience like? What’s your GPA this year? if you don’t mind sharing of course:)
  2. Hi all, did anyone with sgpa of 3.71 get accepted into any Ontario schools for OT?
  3. Yes exactly, they don’t look at when you took the course, they just count the 20 most recent half credits/10 most recent full credits and provide an average.
  4. For example, your half credit will combine with another half credit to make a full credit etc.. until they have 10 full credits
  5. Hey! They take your most recent 20 half credit/ 10 full credit courses and calculate the gpa. It’s regardless of when you took the courses.
  6. Hey!! Where did you end up going? I’m interested in going to the UK and wondering what other people’s experiences have been.
  7. Hi everyone, For those who completed the CasPer test can you please share your experience or tips? How did you prep for it and was it difficult?
  8. Thanks J.H that’s a great suggestion. best of luck to you as well!!!
  9. Hi Everybody, congrats to all who were accepted into the program of choice. You should be very proud!!! I applied for OT at UofT only because I’m unable to relocate anywhere else but unfortunately was rejected. I’m looking to apply next year but was wondering if there is a way to increase my GPA after completing my BA? So If I take more courses as a non-degree, will they be counted in my GPA? also for people who have volunteered with an OT, how do you go about this? by sGPA was 3.63, I had field work experience working with disabled individuals and curre
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