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  1. Hey! So depending on the schools you want to apply to, you have different ways of communicating your experiences. For example, queens PT has a section to discuss PT related experience (volunteering, shadowing, work, etc.), and a separate section for leadership experience! Get yourself on some committees (student council, deans council), many committees only require you to meet like once or twice per semester, and dont require a ton of time commitments! Volunteer to schedule open lab practice if you have it, if there are community volunteer events, do those, or if there is one subject you're gr
  2. Hey! No problem! Mac does their first cutoff at the "bare minimum" which is 77% for gpa and prerequisites BUT even though they interview everyone who meets it, their gpa is "scored". So think of it like a weighted exam where 25% of the exam is from the gpa and 75% is from the interview. If you got 100% on the interview weighted at 75%, but compared to others who had better GPA you were in the lower quintiles, someone with an 85% on their interview and an 85% on their GPA may still get an acceptance due to weight. That may not make a lot of sense but it could have just been that your overall "s
  3. Hi there! Sorry you weren't accepted. Mac is in some senses the most difficult school to get in to. If It makes you feel any better, mac has 1287 applicants for this year and 67 spots, which equates to a 5.2% chance of acceptance, compared to Toronto's 904 applicants and 110 spots, which is a 12.2% chance of acceptance. While mac has fewer "hurdles" (I.e. they dont use references, statements, or the casper, which is weird because mac CREATED the casper LOL), they have the most applicants every year. I was accepted to mac, queens, u of t, and western (I accepted my Mac offer), and my sGPA was 3
  4. Hey! So for fall we enroll is physioth 741, 751, 761, and 771 - for winter we do physioth 742, 752, 762, 772, and 781, for spring we do physioth 743, 753, 763, 773, and 782. I may have a couple of those numbers a bit off, but we basically go with clinical lab 1, 2, 3, pbt 1, 2, 3, REBP 1, 2, 3, and PTPrac 1, 2, 3. The physioth 781 and 782 are our clinical placements
  5. Hey! Congrats! My name is Alli and I think I'll be accepting mac tonight! Where are you from?
  6. Hey!! I've been on the fence with U of T and Mac, but a few things about mac: their curriculum on their website (for PT I'm assuming), they dont do neuro and msk separately- mac does a spiral curriculum where they do msk, neuro, and cardiorespiratory each semester and each unit and start basic and build on complexity. This is actually very relevant to the real world because in a clinic or hospital you may have a patient with shoulder pain from an injury, also a concussion, and could be suffering from diabetes. This is msk, neuro, and cardiometabolic all at once and we have to be able to switch
  7. Thank you!! How do you feel about job prospects? I look at PT job postings and they all just say "registered with the college" and "able to work independently and with a team" and possible "experience in _________ an asset". In my opinion I dont think it matters where you went to school. People always talk about the "connections" from U of T but they have so many students and people that the preceptors probably wont even remember you when you're done your placement unless you make a big impression. They also have hundreds of facilities so it's unlikely that the 6 weeks spent at sick kids vs Mc
  8. Hey!! I did mine at Thompson rivers university! I applied through my colleges articulation program. They transferred 54 credits, and for pt school I ensured that I took year 1 anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, and year 1 psychology 1 and 2, and stats! It was a great experience and I think really teaches you to problem solve and learn on your own! It took me 3 years as I worked full time as a rehab assistant in a clinic
  9. I was worried about this too! The list is just much smaller than that of U of T. It also does say that the list isn't exhaustive and they try to keep updating it. I was worried about this because I saw hamilton has like 10 hospitals and some have like oncology rehab units and unique placements and I would hate to not have this opportunity. But I forgot that students going up north allows more opportunity and since they assign you an area of practice you dont have 60 students competing for 1 hospital placement. Do hospitals typically take only one student at a time or do some take multiple? Did
  10. Hey! Did you make a decision? Which school are you choosing and why?
  11. Hey everyone! I'd love some insight on this. I may be selecting u of t and I live in Barrie Ontario. It's about an hour to 1.5 hour commute depending on traffic. Does anyone have insight to the schedule to suggest if this is a horrible idea??? Many students say they do less traditional studying than undergrad, and I think I could make it work. I'd love input from current students or those applying and maybe commuting!
  12. That seems like such a light schedule! Is this semester 1? I thought it would be heavier! As you progress through the program do the number of in class hours reduce??
  13. I couldn't attend the U of T PT info session - could someone tell me U of Ts plan for the fall?? Mac said online until october 1st then 1x/week til december. Thanks!!
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