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  1. Hi Alli! Thanks and congrats to you as well! So exciting to see the class beginning to form! I'm from Toronto, how about you?
  2. Hey! Since this thread has been so helpful, I thought I'd post to confirm that I accepted Mac PT earlier today. Super excited for September in Hamilton!
  3. Thanks so much for responding - both posts were super helpful! Also, I listened to the "therabaes" podcast, which was great - exactly the type of info I was looking for! At this point I've pretty much decided on Mac. Hope to see you there in September!
  4. Hey, thanks for all the great info! I am trying to decide between Western and Mac PT (leaning towards Mac) and I was hoping to ask a few questions about the program! Is there usually a significant learning curve to PBL or do most students adapt relatively quickly? I was wondering if you think PBL might be particularly challenging for students with a non-traditional background? I did my undergrad in commerce and probably have major gaps in my anatomy and physiology knowledge. I expect I’ll have some catching up to do wherever I go, but I want to pick a program and learning style that
  5. Thanks for the replies! I also feel a bit unenthused about London and Western's catchment area. I don't have a car and still might have to relocate for some Mac placements, but I think I prefer Mac's placement options, especially considering all the opportunities in northern Ontario! This is based on personal experience (and not, say, crime statistics or anything like that) but I never felt unsafe in Kingston. That said, I never had much reason to leave downtown/campus/hospital/student housing area. My thinking is that like anywhere in the world, there are probably some less safe areas i
  6. Hey! As much a I don't want to take this thread off topic, I was wondering what factors influenced you to stop considering Western PT in favour of Queen's and Mac? I'm leaning towards Mac (for PBL and NSS), but Western also seems great and I'm having trouble making a final decision. I don't know much about the Queen's PT program; however, I went to Queen's for undergrad and can vouch for Kingston as a great student city! It's very pretty and just about everything you need (campus buildings, groceries, nightlife, etc.) is within walking distance. Is there anything in particular you're worr
  7. I was accepted by McMaster, Western, and McGill QY (all for PT). Waitlisted by UofT. I'm leaning heavily towards Mac right now for PBL but interested to hear people's insights on the other programs. For those choosing Western, what are some of your reasons?
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